Sydney Peck, Operations Manager and Bee My Blessing Team Member

Sydney Peck

Operations Manager

“Most people fail not because of lack of desire, but because of lack of commitment.” (Vince Lombardi). When Sydney Peck announced she wouldn’t be attending college, and further, that she would be getting married just six months after graduating high school, her parents were not surprised (nor were they alarmed). Raised in an all American military family, Sydney was known for two things: rebelling against the norm…and committing completely to her path.

Sydney grew up in Jefferson, Georgia with her mom, dad and older brother. While she was still in high school, Sydney sought an internship in the real estate industry. And that’s how she was introduced to Michael Carr & Associates. Being a committed person, Sydney showed up every day and dug into her internship tasks despite the fact that she was starting at ground zero. Since beginning her career in real estate, she has been involved in brokerage operations, from marketing to contract negotiations to national accounts, and she attained her real estate license at the age of 19. She holds several distinctions of merit both in the company and the industry.

Today, Sydney is diving straight into unknown yet exciting territory. She is proud to be the Operations Manager for Bee My Blessing, powered by Michael Carr & Associates. Sydney spent her entire childhood being terrified of flying insects! To her, “a bee” included wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, and any other flying insect with or without a stinger. They were all put in the same category! Now miraculously, Sydney is working alongside the Honey Bees to provide fundraising opportunities for local baseball teams, cheerleading squads and mission groups to raise money for their causes thereby passing one blessing to another blessing. She has learned from her mentor Micheal Carr, The Abundant Life Broker®, the importance of building organizations “where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and has made it her mission to leave each part of the world she touches better than how she found it. She has learned honeybees do that better than anything else on the planet and is committed to help build Bee My Blessing into The Sweetest FUNdraiser on earth!