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Bee My Blessing provides fundraising opportunities centered around miraculous and life sustaining honeybees.

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Our Team

It is the personalities back of a business which determines the measure of success the business will enjoy. – Napoleon Hill

What sets us apart?

We provide fundraising opportunities for organizations and people groups who wish to raise money for worthy causes such as mission trips, building projects, ball clubs, schools, recreation departments and any other cause centered around helping cloth, shelter, feed or educate people where fundraising is a necessary endeavor.

Who do we serve?

We serve organizations nationwide who are seeking to raise money by selling our ready to ship honey and byproducts directly to their friends and family! Use our honey to raise your money!

How do we serve them?

We help fundraisers realize they are selling much more than a product; they are helping to save the planet by keeping bees alive and helping their cause retain a higher percentage of their fundraising profits. by selling our ready to ship honey and byproducts directly to their friends and family! Use our honey to raise your money!

What qualifies us to serve them?

We began our honey bee journey as backyard bee enthusiasts, and have since grown to over 150 hives locally, with plans to reach 1,000 in the next few years. Our Founder has grown several national & international organizations using the principles of “the hive”.

How does it make their life better?

Honeybees make every life better because without them there is no life. Additionally, they are the quintessential organizational pattern. If every business, farm, family, church, synagogue or team operated like the hive of the honeybee we would already have created heaven on earth. In a hive everyone has a job, they only do their job, they create more than they consume, they give back to the entire bee community as well as their own hive, they make things grow, they are resilient, they are efficient, effective and ethereal. The product they create while acting natural to their individual calling is the most perfect food source on earth and the ONLY food source that will not perish.


How our fundraising works

About Bee My Blessing and our
mission to help organizations
thrive & bees stay alive:


Java Joy is a program of the non-profit ESP Inc. (Formerly Extra Special People, Inc.), Java Joy was created in 2016 as a way to provide meaningful employment for adults with disabilities while giving the community one-of-a-kind opportunities for engagement. Java Joy exists to create experiences of unmatched joy through moments of engagement with people of all abilities.

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