Tonya Eberhart, Head of Marketing and Bee My Blessing Team Member

Tonya Eberhart

Queen Bee

Tonya Eberhart (BrandFace® Founder) is a speaker, international bestselling author, and Branding Agent to Business Stars. She grew up in Dawsonville, a small North Georgia town best known for making moonshine and fueling the racing industry.

Tonya’s humble career began while selling vacuum cleaners door to door to pay her way through college. That experience taught her the importance of sharing her story and presenting herself differently in order to break down barriers and open doors. Her success in this space led to a sales job in radio, where she observed business owners who were featured in their own advertising and positioned as local celebrities in their market. She was intrigued by the fact that these same people were almost always #1 in their industry. That’s when the light bulb went on, and she realized the impact that personal branding has on a business.

Determined to help others achieve that same level of success, she began to hand-pick clients whom she felt she could turn into the next radio star, and coaxed them into the studio to record their own commercials. This was just the beginning of helping many business owners & entrepreneurs over the next two decades to build their personal brands across multiple marketing platforms.

In 2013, she founded BrandFace®, which consists of a step by step personal branding program, book series and speaking series, designed to help serious professionals differentiate themselves so they can upstage, out-market, and out-sell their competition. She has authored four books on the subject of personal branding:

BrandFace® (the original book written for business owners)

BrandFace® for Real Estate Professionals (with co-author, Michael Carr)

BrandFace® for Home Improvement Professionals (with co-author, Ron Greenbaum)

BrandFace® for Entrepreneurs (with co-author, Michael Carr)

BrandFace® clients now span multiple countries and 44 states in the U.S., and growing rapidly. Tonya is known for developing The Most Comprehensive Personal Brand Building System Across the Globe. She believes that everyone has a worthy story to tell, and often says, “We don’t make stars. We unveil them.

Her role in Bee My Blessing™ is to help solidify the brand and marketing direction for the company so the magnitude of the mission is understood and embraced by the organizations and people it impacts.