Honey Products

These are honey products sold by Bee My Blessing and their vendors for the purpose of fundraising. We give local organizations the opportunity to fund their worthy initiatives by selling our honey to raise their money.  It’s the sweetest FUNdraiser on earth!

  • We educate and provide fundraising opportunities centered around miraculous and life sustaining honeybees
  • We serve organizations that raise money to educate, shelter, feed, and clothe the people they serve
  • We help fundraisers realize they are selling much more than a product; they are saving the planet
  • We contribute 100% of our net proceeds of honey products so organizations can retain a higher percentage of their fundraising profits
  • We began as backyard bee enthusiasts and now have over 150 hives, with plans to reach 1,000 by 2026 
  • Bee My Blessing is Founded by Michael Carr, the Abundant Life Broker® and real estate entrepreneur  

Our honey products combines the love of helping worthy causes and a bee’s miraculous production of honey to create our exclusive Bee My Blessing brand. All proceeds from our honey products are donated to charity.

Our honey comes in two varieties; a premium dark and premium light.  The light variety is farmed from our first pull of the season, and made from early season light nectars and white, yellow, and orange tinted pollens. It’s light on the palette and sweet on the tongue.  The dark variety is just as sweet, but with a more robust and flavorful finish. It’s made from later blooming wildflowers and clover, with darker nectars of red, orange, green, and sometimes blue pollens. 

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