Premium Light Honey Designer Honey Jar


Check out our designer hexagon reusable bottle with honey dipper and bamboo top!  WE love this bottle and have deemed it our trademark shape.  Matching the natural hexagon shape of the wax cells in the colony we thought it was the perfect display for our signature lines of honey.

This is our Premium Light honey line.  Sweet and delicious, this honey is light on the palette and sweet on the tongue.  Gathered by the Girls from the wild flowers surrounding our original colonies on Bee Sweet Farms this is bottled from our first pull.  Made from the early season light nectars with white, yellow and orange tinted pollens;  you will find it super delicious and not overpowering, either by itself or used in teas and recipes!!  Don’t be stingy with it!  See for yourself, it’s the Lord’s elixir and a sure frown fixer!

Do not feed to infants under 2 years of age.

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