Java Joy – Title Charity for 2022 Honey Season

Hello Friends and Followers, Why Java Joy? We love this organization for a myriad of reasons. Most important is the love and attitude of generosity that this organization promotes and thrives on. Java Joy is a program of the non-profit ESP Inc. (Formerly Extra Special People, Inc.), Java Joy was created in 2016 as a way to provide meaningful […]

What is Honeycomb Credit & why is it important to YOU?

What is Honeycomb Credit? HoneyComb Credit is a web-based platform that allows small business owners to borrow loans from their own customers and community.  They recognized that many great local business owners struggle to get access to small growth capital loans for their businesses while many individuals are looking for ways to invest locally in […]

The Dream at Magdala Story

The Dream at Magdala is the story of how Bee My Blessing began: I did not have a single dream that I could recall for a period of ten years. I thought nothing of it throughout those years; that is, until I was on a trip to Jerusalem with Tonya and my Mom. It all […]

What Are You To The Hive?

I AM A VERY NOVICE BEEKEEPER. I HAVE BEEN UNAFRAID OF AND FASCINATED WITH BEES ALL MY LIFE. My very Godly Grandmother told me stories of my ancestors that could “rob a beehive without any covering and would only get stung if he accidentally pinched one”. At thirteen I robbed a hive from a fallen […]