What is Honeycomb Credit & why is it important to YOU?


What is Honeycomb Credit?

HoneyComb Credit is a web-based platform that allows small business owners to borrow loans from their own customers and community.  They recognized that many great local business owners struggle to get access to small growth capital loans for their businesses while many individuals are looking for ways to invest locally in causes and companies they believe in – Honeycomb connects these two groups through our platform to build communities one small business at a time. As a sixth-generation community banker, George grew up in Western Pennsylvania and saw firsthand how the disappearance of community banks was limiting small business owners from getting the loans they needed to make their businesses thrive. In Kansas City, Ken was struggling to get capital for his juice shop, despite his finance background. George and Ken put their heads together—and Honeycomb Credit was born. Today, they’re a team of small business owners, finance nerds, bloggers, and food enthusiasts. What connects their diverse interests are a shared passion for community and a strong belief in the power of Main Street.


Why is HoneyComb Credit so in line with our mission?

We were so thrilled to find HoneyComb Credit.  Our founder Michael Carr, The Abundant Life Broker®, found them while looking online for a good restaurant.  The owners of the establishment were asking for participation in their honeycomb campaign. After doing our initial due diligence we were so excited to think Bee My Blessing could benefit not only from the structure but the concept of HoneyComb Credit.  More importantly, how cool was the fact that a not for profit honey sales operation could be underwritten by a credit company named HoneyComb and be funded by the very community we were committed to serve?  To know our investors will be paid back with interest concreted our decision to move forward. We set up a call with John Dubosky, HoneyComb’s National Business Development Manager.  We found out Bee My Blessing needed a minimum of 250 followers on at least one social media platform.  Sydney Peck, Operations Manager for Bee My Blessing got 500 followers in just over 2 weeks!  We revisited with John and started our paperwork.  Now we are asking for you to invest in us, investing in our community! Our campaign is approved and monitored by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and our goal is to raise $200,000.00!  We are asking for your help to make this “The Sweetest Fundraiser on Earth!”


Why is this important to YOU?

First it’s so important that we all take part in the preservation of planet earth and honeybees are among the most important contributors to that preservation.  Our mission at Bee My Blessing is to help “Organizations thrive and Bees stay alive!”  By investing in Bee My Blessing our supporters receive principle and interest payments quarterly over a 5 year period.

It’s a Win-Win-Win-Win situation, which fits our plan perfectly!

  • Our investors make money

  • Our operation grows

  • Our charities gain profit

  • Our bees receive the finest care for maximum growth

It is in our charter as ‘The Sweetest Fundraiser on Earth” to pass one blessing to another blessing and we are asking you to be our blessing!  It is our dream to create a circle of sustaining activities that feed each other perpetually. The more you invest, the more hives and processing equipment we can purchase, the more honey the bees can create, the more money our charities receive and the more awareness we bring to both the honeybee population and the organizations that utilize the profits to do more good in the world. Our founder, The Abundant Life Broker® has worked his entire life to create organizations that can operate like the beehive. He has proven time and again the axiom of getting everything you want out of life by helping others get what they want first. Our operation is pre funded by Michael Carr & Associates, Inc  but your additional investment in Bee My Blessing will catapult our plans many years in advance. That’s why we are encouraging you to Invest in Us, Investing in the Community. Our goal is to raise $200,000.00 in the next 45 days!  Join us on our journey!

Have more questions? Read Honeycomb Credit’s FAQ’s HERE.